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Pay N Play is the new revolution in the online gaming industry! The reason is that they eliminate lengthy registration and withdrawal wait times 

It all started with Trustly trying to understand what it is that players want the most. The Swedish payment service provider has talked to 1,700 people across 9 EU markets.  „94% of all players want instant access to their winnings“ says Trustly. 80% claim they would gamble more frequently at an online casino able and willing to execute immediate withdrawals. 

One of the issues online casino operators were facing was the fact that a good number of players register but never make a deposit.

Another issue was the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This procedure oblige them to follow under the terms of their licenses. Consequently, Trustly combines three of its existing products into one. It creates a solution that enables instant deposits and withdrawals. At the same time it helps to build player loyalty. Pay N Play makes it possible for players to fund their accounts via online banking and they can play immediately.

By bundling the registration and deposit process, there is no chance they will register without a deposit. Trustly shares KYC data with the operator. At the same time the operator uses this information to create the player account.

Benefits for Players

Opening a casino account normally requires that a player fills out a lengthy registration form. After that he goes through a slow and sometimes difficult verification procedure. Most of the time that involves sending copies of ID and utility bills. With Pay N Play, all of the above is done by simply making a deposit. Trustly acts as an intermediary that will supply the operator with all necessary KYC information. Thus makes the entire process both faster and much simpler.

All the player needs to do is go to their favourite gaming site, click „play now“ button, select their bank to initiate a deposit and verify the transfer via online banking. Within seconds, they are able to start playing and hopefully generate profits. To make a withdrawal, players only have to enter the amount they wish to collect. Winnings will instantly be sent to their bank account.

Trustly offers a number of other benefits. It’s always free to use, unlike some of the other payment methods that charge fees. One doesn’t have to register for Trustly nor worry about safety. The company implements the highest encryption standard available. It will never store information which could be used to access the player’s bank account.

pay n play casino
Registration and deposit process into one
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Helps build player loyalty for more bonuses
Launched in 2015 by Trustly
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About Trustly

Trustly is a licensed payment institution founded in 2008 and authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. It facilitates fast, simple and secure online payments directly from the customer’s bank account. Currently it is one of the preferred payment options for consumers in 29 European countries.

You don’t have to register in order to use the service. You do need to have an account in one of the participating banks. Payments come in 3 simple steps:

1.  Select your bank and log in

2. Choose the account you wish to pay from

3. Confirm the transfer with your preferred authentication method

Trustly is successful in the online gaming scene for a long time, even before the launch of Pay N Play. Players know Trustly as one of the available deposit and withdrawal options. Players like it thanks to the simplicity of use, safety and affordability.


Most frequent Pay N Play questions and answers

Simply enter the amount you want to deposit. Click „Start playing“ and you’ll be directed to Trustly secure login to make a deposit. That’s all!

Having made a deposit the first time, all you need to do is press “Resume play”,. Verify yourself via your bank and you’ll be logged in.

Absolutely not! You will be directed to your bank but that’s only for the verification purpose.

All you need to do is go to the cashier and specify the amount you wish to collect. Your winnings will then automatically be transferred to the same bank account you have used to make a deposit.

If that should be the case, you won’t be able to make a Pay N Pay deposit at that particular gaming site.

Your bank account should normally be credited within 5 minutes after your withdrawal request. There may be some delays on the bank end that could cause the payout to be processed within 24 hours.

Some do, some don’t. Some offer a welcome bonus, some don’t. You can find other opportunities to play for free, be it via weekly cashbacks (currently available at Thrills and Bajungo), free spins and missions (offered by Ninja Casino), or another kind of special deal.

Past and Future Challenges

Introduction of Pay N Play hasn’t been seamless. At first, regulators were struggling to understand the solution and were not at all enthusiastic about Pay N Play. It looked like a „no account“ solution giving players an impression they get to gamble without registering.

Trustly has invested a lot of time and effort to educate regulators. They also shift marketing focus away from no-registration story. It is assumed that Pay N Play, being a high-tech product, may not become popular with the older people. A higher enthusiasm is expected among early adopters of new trends and technologies.

Pay N Play is currently widely used in the Nordics but it’s questionable how well it can serve other markets. Owing to centralised electronic citizen registry maintained by Nordic governments, Trustly can use secure and accurate databases to enable the verification of players’ identities. Absence of such central registries in markets such as Germany or the UK removes the key element of KYC solution.

The service provider argues that the lack of a central registry in a particular market isn’t necessarily an obstacle to Pay N Play implementation. “There are similar sources of information in different territories,” says Trustly’s Director of Gaming Accounts.

With this he explains that Trustly collects necessary information partially from the bank. They combine it with the third party provider data that’s already been verified. But the company is willing to adapt and „find an alternative solution to player onboarding and payment processing.”

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What's Next for Pay N Play?

In-Banner Pay N Play takes it all a step further via integration into banner advertising on affiliate sites. Players will be able to register and wager within an interactive banner hosted by the operator. That enables operators to reach more players while helping affiliates increase conversion. Simultaneously, Trustly is working on entering new geographies and analysing other verticals such as Financial Services, Travel and e-Commerce. Important is to have enough online casino knowhow so you know how the market will evolve.

Pay N Play Models

Operators can integrate this innovative solution in one of two ways. The Hybrid model is the best option for existing brands looking to enhance player experience. The Pure model is an ideal solution for the launch of new brands. In the Pure model, Trustly is the only registration and payment method available. This model incorporates Resume Playing feature. When members return to the gaming site, their previous balance becomes immediately available upon verification via their online bank. Payouts are instantly executed back to the players’ bank account without the need to provide any additional information.

In the Hybrid model, Trustly is one of several payment service providers. This model doesn’t support Resume Playing functionality and the returning players will have to log in. Either by making a Trustly deposit or by entering their username and password. When withdrawing, they will also have to log into their online bank.

Both models have their own advantages. However, current data shows that online casinos which are using the Pure model enjoy greatest success. Implementation is simple enough, especially if the operator already executes Trustly’s standard deposits and withdrawals. Integration normally requires a few API calls. That and some frontend development. It canalland be finalized in as little as a week.